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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Extremely-Abridged Summary of Dark Chao Adventures, Ending

So like I said, DCA's over now. And I had given a veeery brief summary of the plot up to Episode 84 before, but now I finished the rest of the story, so I'll finish the summary!

This, obviously, will have spoilers for the ending of Dark Chao Adventures. If you plan on reading the story eventually, I'd recommend taking caution here.

So Shade, Dark, Red, and Shadow manifest in Chao Talk in some random building. They cautiously explore before being forcibly evicted from the building, discovering they were on the fiftieth floor and also that they are falling considerably fast towards the street. They are saved mid-fall by Wilson Constable Kilburn, the grotesque abomination that is what's left of Dark's father.

Kilburn urges Dark to go along with the antagonists and to wipe the show completely, but Dark voices his concerns for a "good ending" (the chao left in their gardens to happily be in stasis indefinitely as I forget about the show). He directly asks me what "the end of DCA" will consist of, and I tell him that there's a good chance the entire show will just be wiped clean. I explain how difficult it would be to earn a happy ending here, and then Dark makes me promise that, at the very least, I won't force this last episode to be a feature-length epic. Which I do promise.

Then the Veteran's Committee come back in and turn out to be the Gatekeepers of Chao Talk, eight malevolent figures who are attempting to prevent the protagonists from fighting the Beta Avengers. And they also force Episode 85 closer towards chapter eight, which is to be the final chapter of DCA. And then most of the Chao Talk adventure is curtailed, with the other protagonists being introduced and the members of the Beta Avengers being shown as well. But rather unexpectedly, a lot of Hero chao are killed very graphically by "unexpected developments," which is kinda an arc phrase of the last two seasons.

All the protagonists and all the antagonists are gathered in the Camper Festival which is simultaneously in the fifth district of Chao Talk, making for double, potentially triple the eldritch. And then the MILKMAN gets full control of the script, making it exponentially more eldritch. More protagonists enter the story, and antagonist Andrew Ryder is killed. The MILKMAN swiftly replaces Ryder with a resurrected Metal Sonic, making the eldritch scale off the charts by this point.

The protagonists escape and continue progressing through the districts, with Red pondering on what all the build-up is building up to. Future Shade claims to be Shade from the past and then is wiped from the series. Future Shadow begs the chao not to continue the mindless cycle, and then he is wiped from the series as well. Chapter eight begins with the protagonists waking up in Sancheria and some characters being taken forever by the slender man.

The protagonists return to Daedalus Labs, still not seeing the bigger picture. They encounter Zero, who isn't even supposed to be alive. He suspiciously mentions there being more downsides to senseless bending of the script than any party is aware of, though when prompted on it, he only says "Unexpected developments are rising."

The protagonists and the antagonists meet up, the MILKMAN wipes JOE from the show, and MILKMAN reveals that he's extremely afraid of the eights and fives, of IT, and of Red Metal. And that's when Metal Speedy shows up! Metal Sonic is destroyed, Echo is killed, and chunks of DCA are completely wiped. All this time, the script switches to octave pentameter-- every line contains either eight words, five words, or some multiple of the two. Or replace "words" with "syllables."

In the climax, Episode 85 has forty characters total (eight times five), and then Shadow makes a desperate jump to grab five chaos drives, whereupon he becomes a Dark/Run chao and bends the script to defeat Metal Speedy. But Metal Speedy bends the script at the same time, so basically, all is wiped except for the Dark Garden, where sixteen protagonists manifest before Tagliare is murdered to make room for Metal Speedy. Dark breaks the octave pentameter and is swiftly murdered, followed by Zero and the Tails Doll, making the character count thirteen (eight plus five).

Chao is murdered next, followed by Red, Eggman, and Levity Nite and then Mephiles, bringing the count down to eight. Zero is killed next, and then I enter the scene, bringing it back up to eight. The female Shade comes up with a plan to get Metal Speedy to slip up his speech, leaving him vulnerable to IT. It works, though she is also killed in the process. As Metal Speedy is pulled down into IT, he grabs Shadow and Shade jumps down to save him. The three of them have a quick fight which ends in Metal Speedy's death. The remaining protagonists mourn over their absent friends before complying to the show being wiped.

All that is left is for the Writing Writer to explain to the reader what has happened to Ulysses, the one character who was not wiped. He explains this, and then he reveals that Shade and Shadow were never actually wiped. He explains the legacy of DCA, and then he gives more information about Ulysses.

Shade and Shadow are shown in an impossible town with impossible events in an impossible world. The Camper manifests, prompting them to go on the run. The Writing Writer explains to them that this Episode 88 exists because DCA has multiple facets that each need focus, even when ending, and that this last episode is the ending to the last facet. And then a wide gaping plot hole is exposed, ripping the plot wide open for a very special character to enter.

...god, this is where it... gets crazy.

EAT is Instability is IT is eight and five is Red Metal. You heard me right; EAT is the same as Instability, which is the same as IT, which is the same as eight and five, which is the same as Red Metal. They're all just different faces of the same eldritch, and each face needs focus even when ending. EAT rips her way into DCA and turns Amphis into (Future Red who then becomes regular) Red, turns Shade Junior into Levity Nite, and then loops DCA for key characters.

DCA is simultaneously running at two times-- normally for Shade, Shadow, and this first Red/Amphis, who are all living years and years in a hellish nightmare (they are the "Future" characters seen throughout the show) only to be wiped when the final episode comes again. DCA is also running on a perpetual loop in order to keep the logic going.

In the meantime, the show has looped back to Episode 85. We're shown "Future" Shade and Shadow's thoughts as they are wiped from existence. Then, as Shadow grabs his five chaos drives, he does not evolve to a Dark/Run chao, as that would imply he had another two. Instead, he simply grows a little more powerful, only to be overpowered by Metal Speedy. All of DCA is wiped except for the Dark Garden and Metal Speedy, who has one last conversation with the Writing Writer. He learns of the eldritch running through DCA and is quickly engulfed by it, trapped for eternity.

The Writing Writer gives one last eulogy for the show before rolling the credits for one last time. Whether or not the show is wiped is up to speculation.

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what happened, either.

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