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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DCA is over!

Dark Chao Adventures has officially concluded. That link will take you to a list of links to the eighth season, which you actually can't find on the official site. I'll figure out how to update the site eventually, but for now, go to the site for the first seven seasons, and take that link at the top for the eighth season.

How many episodes did it take? Eighty-five. ..uh. Eighty-eight. Eighty-six. Eighty-nine? Y'know, that's actually really funny. I wrote the final episode, the 85th, and then I was like "Hang on, there's a gaping plot hole." So I ignored that and wrote two little post-script segments of myself talking to the reader (which actually has a lot of precedent in the show), and then I went "Oh okay, fuck it, I'll fix that plot hole" and then I realized there were actually a lot of plot holes I hadn't fixed. So I wrote an 88th episode, counting the two post-scripts as episodes of their own. ..ghost episodes. Eldritch episodes. And the 88th episode then looped back into the 85th episode, this time fixing the plot hole and ending it. But it was actually at least eight years after episode 85. But also thirty. But also at the exact same time.

So it took me 85/88 episodes. Let's just leave it at that.

...wait, what? DCA was eldritch before any of your stories were eldritch, fuck all y'all. DCA has been eldritch since 2006, when I was eleven. It's just taken me all these years to get it to work. It took me six years to explain the time travel, too.

I will sum up the plot of the ending soon.

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