Post-Jordanism: noun- The artistic (cultural?) movement which began in late 2011. Works within this deal with themes of existential crisis, identity crisis, posttraumatic stress disorder, the state of being broken, intrusive thoughts of (non)existent(?) memory, the morbid preoccupation with suicide, grief, uncontrollable emotion, and darkness as a simple abstract concept. ex. 1: "Kill me."

Stories that are done

So. You want to know what I do.


"Rapture is coming."
Four-act serial novel about the five months of apocalypse before the world ends, consisted of roughly 160 posts, roughly 85 accompaniment pictures, and over 400,000 words. First act's about escaping from a chaotic Europe, second act's about gathering a group of protagonists and blindly following prophecies in attempt to save the world, third act's about complications and obfuscations and teenage drama and the relative conflicts of Fears, fourth act's about going up against all odds to revolutionize the world and standing up for yourself rather than blindly following prophecies. My most popular work, with a team of artists and even some secret projects in the works. Possibly part of a series about my growth as a person. (Fear Mythos: Everything.)
Link to the story here!
(currently under revision for final draft)


Dark Chao Adventures
"Living life... one step at a time!"
Took nine (ten?) years to write, consisted of nine seasons and ninety-one episodes. One of my oldest projects. Started as basically a Sonic fanfic series about a bunch of Dark chao who go on adventures, became an epic coming-of-age tale of a writer growing the beard and learning that, in order to have a fun story, you need to do a lot of work. Possibly part of a series of stories about my growth as a person. I think most of it is absolute shit.
Everything is at this website.

Jordan Eats Normally Now
"No one runs faster than Jordan eats."
Took about eleven months to write, consisted of 230~ posts for the bulk of the story. My first ever Fearblog. Actually consisted of multiple blogs, but Jordan Eats was the main plot. It started off about an insecure boy investigating a bunch of blogs that had been taken down only to find an eldritch abomination on the rise, became a tragedy about a boy who metaphorically kills himself after his brother is metaphorically killed. And the whole thing itself can be taken as a metaphor. It's complicated. Had videos with acting by my brother and his girlfriend. Possibly part of a series of stories about my growth as a person. I think it's absolute shit. (Fear Mythos: EAT/Empty City.)
Detailed post plus links to the story.
Side stories featured in Jordan Eats Normally Now
Fish, Man!
The very first Fearblog I wrote though it doesn't count because it's a side story. About a man who obsesses over fish only to run into a creature waiting in a lake.
Progression Enhanced
The second Fearblog I wrote, also didn't count! About a woman who obsesses over progressive rock only to run into a creature waiting in a lake.
The Topography of Thought
A blog that has since been discontinued, ran alongside Jordan Eats. About an AI that watched over the main story protagonist.

Moonlit Whispers
"Description of the blog is as follows:"
Took about a month to write, consisted of about 50 posts. About a bailiff who records the sounds that keep him up at night. Really simple and short. (Fear Mythos: Rake.)
Link to the story.

Memories of a Time Beyond
"Perhaps our language leads you."
Took collectively about a month to write, consisted of 30~ posts. About a woman who uncovers the obfuscations plaguing her mind. Part of a series about women overcoming abuse. I think it's absolute shit. (Fear Mythos: Choir.)
Link to the story.

Where My Eyes Remain
"Hell's backyard, where my eyes remain on the tree of my childhood pain."
Took about a month to write, consisted of 30~ posts. About a cynical policewoman who comes face-to-face with the psycho who traumatized her as a child. Part of a series about women overcoming abuse. I think it's okay. (Fear Mythos: Slender man.)
Link to the story.

Built For Two
"I long to experience the perfect paradox."
Took collectively about a month to write, consisted of 30 posts. About an English maths professor who longs for enlightenment and finds it in a surreal landscape. I think it's meh. Had a companion blog not written by me and has a spiritual successor also not written by me. (Fear Mythos: Multiple.)
Link to the story.

Harlequin Metropolis
"Tell me that's not the weirdest dream you've ever heard."
Wrote in one night, consisted of 13 posts. About a man in New York who discovered, through hypnotherapy, a murder in a past life. Based on Dream Theater's Metropolis. Absolute shit. (Fear Mythos: Reverie.)
Link to the story.

"The socks will tumble in the dryer."
Wrote in three days, consisted of 26 posts. About what would happen if DCA, Topography Genera, and Rapture's worlds collided with a disturbing Fear Mythos inside joke known as the sockpuppet. Satirical blogella, written as a writing exercise to give me a break during Rapture. I think it's decent. (Fear Mythos: EAT)
Link to the story.

"I had a wife once. Now I don't even consider myself a widow."
Cynical Fearblog showing just how metaphorically Fears can be portrayed. Percy Thornton thinks about why he smokes tobacco. I think it had potential. (Fear Mythos: Brute and Burning Bride.)
Link to the story.

Fearblog of Fear, Dreams and Sleep and Fear
"What is my purpose?"
Wrote over a few years, consisted of 58 posts, I think. Satirical Fearblog making fun of everything I hate about the blog medium. About Billy Everyblogger who was destined to write a Fearblog. Surprisingly popular. (Fear Mythos: Everything.)

Topography Genera
"Trust us, (and) we will (all) be safe."
Technically the sequel to Jordan Eats Normally Now. Multi-blog horror story about the fall of a world power and the rise of an eldritch abomination. Collaborative, many people helped. Even had a voice cast. (Fear Mythos: EAT/Multiple.)
Here's the actual link to the story.
Link to the collective Tumblr.
Individual stories within Topography Genera
Topography Genera Center East
"With simple skies, we create more sky."
Wrote over many years, had about 101 posts. About the eponymous English branch of an organization that researches the eldritch. The main facet of Topography Genera, summarizes and links to other blogs when they come up. Exact plot about three bloggers realizing how small they are in the grand scheme of things. (Fear Mythos: Multiple.)
Link to the story.
"This blog has been removed."
Discontinued. About a string of murders connected by a man in a gas mask. (Fear Mythos: Archangel.)
Testing in Progress
"Every move is recorded, every breath is remembered."
Wrote over a few weeks, consisted of 85 posts. About a test subject in a malevolent research facility who escapes, only to find out he had greatly underestimated the beings keeping him captive. Directly linked to Administry for a Cause. (Fear Mythos: EAT/Wooden Girl.)
Link to the story.
Administry for a Cause
"I will redeem myself."
Wrote over a few weeks, consisted of 24 posts. About a woman on the run from malevolent figures society had greatly underestimated. Directly linked to Testing in Progress. (Fear Mythos: EAT.)
Link to the story.
Topography Genera Center North
"EAT in All Things is EAT in All Things is EAT in All Things."
Wrote over a few months, I guess. About the eponymous Icelandic branch. Exact plot about malevolent figure watching over the Center East bloggers. (Fear Mythos: EAT.)
Link to the story.
Hell and Earth
"And on the Eighth Day..."
Wrote in a few hours, consists of 13 posts. Might resume. A student writes a report on eldritch passages of an odd scripture. (Fear Mythos: Archangel.)
Link to the story.
Tale of the Lost Vikings
"Am I to chronicle the tragic downfall of our culture?"
Wrote over a few years, lots of posts. A man on the run from Tindalos talks about the culture of people running from Fossils. (Fear Mythos: Multiple.)
Link to the story.

This will keep being updated.

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