Post-Jordanism: noun- The artistic (cultural?) movement which began in late 2011. Works within this deal with themes of existential crisis, identity crisis, posttraumatic stress disorder, the state of being broken, intrusive thoughts of (non)existent(?) memory, the morbid preoccupation with suicide, grief, uncontrollable emotion, and darkness as a simple abstract concept. ex. 1: "Kill me."

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DJay32 Reads Stuff

For those who don't go to the Fear Mythos forum and yet are oddly interested in my opinions on MSPaintAdventures:

DJay32 Reads Homestuck (BLIND)

I'm currently reading through Problem Sleuth. I wanted to do a blind commentary of it, but I gave up on that. Basically, I hate how it's much less serious and consistent than Homestuck. I fucking hate how it's much less serious and consistent. And the fucking candy corn, I despise candy corn.

And by the way? Surprising people for the sake of surprising people isn't good writing.


Even though the Fearniversary may be pretty much over, I will continue to write as much as I can.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updates on my writing!

Okay, I don't remember the last time I actually wrote anything. This is a little bad, but then again, I guess I decided to take a little break. I've been burned out, y'know? I think I'm allowed to be burned out every now and then.

The fact that it happened in the middle of the Fearniversary, now that's a little annoying. But hey, I release tons of stuff anyway. Anyway, I promise I'll have something soon.

For one thing, I have been working on Episode 81 of DCA. I can now confirm that there will be five episodes until it all ends. Episode 85 will be the final one.

Gee, I wonder if people notice the arc numbers in my works yet. Here's some other writing news:

- Plush, the relaunch of Fair Game, isn't even a conventional fucking story. It's just a Wiki about a fictional video game. It could theoretically never be finished.

- The Endless Obsession, sequel to Testing in Progress, will come when I have a plot figured out. I'm trying to concentrate my writing so that I only write when I know the story very well.

- The relaunch of HELP, which will probably be called Help Me in Hell, will come when I have a few more things figured out. I have a rough idea of where to go with it, but I still need solids.

- Topography Genera Center East, I actually do have some pretty solid ideas of where to go with Liquid Len, and alliterator always seems to have something rad to do with Doctor Cloud. I've kinda been waiting for Jane for this one, but I can't blame her entirely; I also do not have enough ideas of the plot of the first few movements yet.

- The Parallels: Bright in the Face will come when I feel like sitting down and writing really good opening posts.

- For Rapture, I'm waiting on Fentzy to write another segment of a log. The last Fentzy log got great reception, so we're going for another one. For one thing, this time we actually have a great reason for Jordan to give Fentzy his journal. xD

- In other Rapture news, I'm waiting on the stars to align so I can record the next Knight of Xanadu video. I mean, Eric and I covered most of them when I was last in America, but we missed Bryan Breecrest, Robot Pirate, and.. well, our video for the spoiler'd last one isn't quite.. usable. For many reasons. So I'm gonna do those myself, and if I see Eric again, we'll do them "officially."

- Built for Two, I will finally go out and say that I don't actually have all the plot of that figured out. <___<;;; I do have a set number of entries left to the story, and there are key landmarks throughout that I know exactly the course of, but where we are now? I'm kinda just winging it. But I'm playing it very carefully, as I was seriously not expecting the crazy-good reception the story's been getting so far, and I want to try to keep it like that.

And yes, I do actually still have even more secret projects. xD I keep them secret not for publicity but actually just because I don't know where I'm gonna go with them.

So there you have it. My focuses at the moment are on DCA and Rapture, which.. aren't exactly unrelated, I suppose. They're both crazy-confusing comedy stories with some level of horror to them. DCA's just script, fanfiction (though I think it's safe to say I've pretty much turned everything original by now), and focusing more on comedy and meta, whereas Rapture's more horror-based journals with.. very little, if any, meta to it.

..whatever, yeah, you know what I mean.

Friday, February 24, 2012

What is "Dark Chao Adventures?"

Holy shit. I feel.. guys, I feel like writing DCA. I feel like writing DCA again. I feel like, at the very least, finally writing an ending for it. In the meantime, let me make the necessary post describing it.

Dark Chao Adventures

So waaaay back in 2005 (yeah, this was way back), I was a wee ten-year-old. I randomly felt the urge to write! So I found a forum (Chao Civic), found their fanfic section, and started a topic:

Dark Chao Adventures
All I can say is, Episode One: Chao In Space...

I got a reply shortly after. "ooh i cant wait!" shadowhalo, I believe, was the poster's name.

Now, here I will stop to explain what chao are for those not quite "in the know." Back at the turn of the century, Sonic Team released Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, and later sequel Sonic Adventure 2. Both games got Gamecube ports years later. Both games had these optional little "chao" features which were basically a sort of.. breeding simulator. You could have multiple gardens filled with up to eight chao each, and.. here. Click that for the Wikipedia page; it'll do a better job at describing them than I can.

And see, a Dark chao is basically a chao that you raise with certain characters so it looks evil. But they're really just adorable. And they have their own garden called the "Dark Garden." When I was, like.. seven-ish, I had my own garden full of Darks. But Nathan, my brother, wanted to delete the chao from our memory card to make room for more games. I didn't really care. xD

Cut to May 2005, I'm remembering these chao, and I decide to make a little script in memory of the little dudes. I come up with everything completely on the spot, including the fact that it's a series. I had no idea at all where the fuck I was gonna go with it. So I just improvised!

I came up with, over the course of seven years, eight seasons. The first five seasons had eight episodes each, the sixth had ten, and the seventh had twenty-nine. Yeah. xD The eighth wound up only having one, as that was when I just stopped writing and focused on other things. Like Fearblogs.

So here, we have eighty episodes of a series you guys probably don't know much about. Let me try to give rough synopses.

Season One: Shade and Chao (2005): This stuff is really badly-written. I was ten. Though from the fifth episode onward, I started to realize I could actually come up with original plots, and the quality of the episodes started to improve greatly! This season had a very distinct Spongebob-meets-Invader ZIM really fucking cheesy and childish style to it. I was ten. <_<;;; Each episode had, on average, four "chapters." Each chapter was very short. Some had five. The season finale had eight chapters, I think.

Season Two Beta (2005): I started to get ambitious. Came up with a season-wide story arc involving a cast of antagonists called "the MILKMAN and Friends" and of protagonist Dark trying to get the seven Chaos Emeralds. A few episodes in, Chao Civic shut down and I lost my records of this season (though I was smart enough to save the first one on notepad!).

Season Two: Dark and Mephiles (2006): A year later, I start writing a blog and I remember this thing, so I decide to bring it back. I write a new second season with blackjack and hookers and shit. This was a little better in terms of quality, and I actually wrote some legitimately funny stuff. The three-part season finale involved a trip to the future, and some actually remotely-creepy scenes! My first experimentations with horror!

Season Three: The Beta Avengers (2007): I joined a new forum: CHAO TALK. This would be where I would write for a few years, and this would also be where I met a man that would introduce me to Fentzy and Jane. But that comes much later. For now, I made Season Three. These episodes had me experimenting more, figuring out what I wanted to write, what I enjoyed writing. Highlights included the "Mysterious Stardust" serial (three mystery stories that built up to a return of a foe from the Season Two Beta), the introduction of the Beta Avengers (a recurring group of antagonists that want to make sure the Season Two Beta got.. well, avenged), and the season finale "The Chao World" (my first ever 'feature-length' script, the length of three entire episodes!). By posting on Chao Talk, I also got plenty of fans. :DDDD

Season Four: Purflee and Luis (2007): So "The Chao World" was originally gonna be about.. eight times as long. But I wanted to release the general gist of things now, so I released it as a twelve-chapter finale and simply had the rest of the story be spread out through the next season. In it, the chao are lost on a strange world, in a strange city. Fun fact for you Rapture fans: The city they're stuck in is pretty much the embodiment of the secretcity maps from Sven Co-op, so this is the city that inspired Xanadu. It all concluded with, like.. crossovers with EarthBound and an exciting finale battle with the MILKMAN, head of the Beta Avengers. This season also introduced "third-party/freelance chao," or the chao of my fans'! As a result, this season was the fan-favourite for a while.

Season Five: Echo and Red (2007): The chao had now returned to their gardens after that wild adventure, and now one of the Beta Avengers, a Dark/Fly chao named Echo, was ominously flying over the Hero Garden, waiting for the right time to.. do something. This season was my attempt at writing "old-fashioned" episodes, simple episodic stuff, but I wound up realizing I love writing serial-based stories, so even the most standalone stories were connected by story arcs. I also experimented with playing with my readers' emotions, writing what I considered to be the "saddest episode ever." The season finale was a two-parter taking the story of Portal and expanding it into.. well, I don't know. xD It just expanded upon the ending.

DCAHall: Pelottaa Scary Stuff (2007): This was a standalone script serving as DCA's first ever Halloween special. Fans adored it, and I actually wrote some relatively-creepy stuff!

Season Six: The Grey Journey (2008): I had actually been building up this season ever since Season Three. It was gonna be an epic journey, playing on the themes of the Season Two Beta, starring main protagonist Shade as he traveled through several video games in search of seven "chaos drives," all while defeating the four most prominent members of the Beta Avengers. And it was! It was the most epic story I had ever written, but no one was around for it. All my fans left Chao Talk between seasons. ;__; I wound up writing entirely for myself, which gave me ample opportunities to experiment with whatever I wanted. I wrote some of the longest scripts I had ever made, some rather interesting original stories, and some pretty clever situational comedy based on the worlds the video games had established, and I played on as many themes I had established in the earlier seasons. I even had the season finale extend to two more episodes, making this ten-episode season the longest season yet. And its final episode was the exciting Episode Fifty! :D

DCAHall2: Gears n' Roses (2008): Another standalone script, this was the second Halloween special! This was also the single longest script I had ever written, coming in at around 144 kilobytes. Takes a good three-or-four hours to read, I'd say. This script was me taking Gears of War and making it a lot more.. well, scary. And it was legitimately scary at times! But again, people weren't really around to read it.

DCA09: The Secret City (2009): Behold, a script that didn't really belong anywhere! This was my transition from the cheesiness of Seasons One-Six to the epic scale of Season Seven. This was, for all intents and purposes, where I grew the beard. This standalone epic script, coming in at around 237-ish kilobytes, taking a good five hours to read, was about the chao finding themselves back in the city of Season Four. It was an exciting and rather-creepy ontological mystery, and it lends itself to a follow-up, possibly a sequel. Once the chao were done with the secretcity maps, I threw in as much of an original plot as I could come up with, and.. boy, was it good. Again, I don't particularly know anyone who read it. Maybe one person.

Season Seven: The End/The Veteran's Committee (2008-2011): Here it is. After the incredible adventures of the previous stories, the chao were back in their gardens and living normal lives. I wrote a couple episodic-comedy scripts before realizing that nobody was reading this shit, and I loved writing the epic adventures. So I took Season Seven and applied seven pounds of awesome to it. I had, at one point, planned on it having only eight episodes, with the latter half of the season taken up by a DCA rendition of Metal Gear Solid 2. But I quickly realized eight episodes was not enough time to tell the story of this season, so I came up with the plot of a new team of antagonists: The Veteran's Committee, who are out to end the show by any means necessary. I introduced a new main protagonist: Shadow the green Dark chao, who was only a minor character throughout the show so far. I threw him in with my usual main protagonists, making this new story revolve around him. He had to assemble seven chaos drives of his own to stop the show from ending, but little did he know, there were much darker forces at work dwelling beneath the shaded veils of the adventures.

Season Seven grew to last not a set number of episodes, but rather "as long as it takes for Shadow to stop the Veteran's Committee." He ventured through Metal Gear Solid 2; Half-Life 2; an original creepypasta introducing the slender man to the series; a bizarre hodge-podge of Bioshock, all the themes of the earlier seasons, and DCA09; an original feature-length horror story playing on the themes introduced in the earlier creepypasta and introducing many more; popular source mod Nightmare House 2; and an original feature-length adventure taking plots from as much prog as I could squeeze into the story. The season finale, a re-enactment of Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, ended the season with narrator-- myself-- informing Shadow every reason why the show really should end. But I made sure to let him go on one last epic adventure before it all would come to a close.

DCAHall3: Sinister Serials of the Dark (2010): This epic script, standalone as it was, was not quite as standalone as the rest. This had three adventures in it, all adventures taking place in Season Seven. I actually read this entire script aloud in a podcast, and it took six hours. The main attraction was the second story, a five-act tale of the main protagonists exploring one hell of an eldritch location: the forest of Sancheria. This was one of the most consistently-scary stories I have ever written, and it is currently the longest single script in all of DCA. Next to Rapture, this is my favourite story I have ever written.

Season Eight (2011): One single episode was written continuing the adventure. I set up one hell of a story, but I stopped after that. :c

There, that's the rough synopsis of the entire show so far. Dark Chao Adventures has been one of the greatest things in my life. It is such a grand story, and it has offered so much experimentation for my writing. I would not be anywhere near as good a writer as I am if it weren't for DCA. I certainly wouldn't be able to write Rapture at the consistently-good quality it is.

And believe me, that was just the main series. There were quite a few spin-offs, bonus stories within the universe, shorts, even a text-adventure, and even a full twenty-mission RP!

You can read all of this at the official Dark Chao Adventures website. Except for Season Eight, which you can find here. I would love to have new readers. This story was such a huge part of my life. Rapture is its spiritual successor, and I think you'll see that if you read it, especially the later seasons.

And yes. I definitely want to finish this story. EDIT: I did, and here's the summary of the entire plot. And part two of that.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I shouldn't really be saying this, but I can't resist.

In all of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING, there has only ever been one rabbit hole that has closed.

This. Is a hint.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What is "The Dictionary of Jordan?"

On the right, you'll find a list of blogs and shit. Here's a new one.

The Dictionary of Jordan

So I was just chilling, minding my own, when I came upon an entry in The Archive mentioning "dimensional bleeding" and an interview with Dia and stuff. I read the entry explaining dimensional bleeding, and I had a fucking aneurysm of anger.

I started a new blog. It would be an OOG blog explaining, in posts, exactly every single thing I hate about literature, every reason why I am pretentious about writing, and maybe some rants not related to writing. I didn't want to put it in here because.. I decided this blog was best as a more.. I dunno, objective blog? This blog is better for giving you links to everything and for describing things and informing you on my day-to-day activities or something. This new blog is for my thoughts to roam free. This is partially inspired by Something Generic. And like Something Generic, I am going to have something to say about everyone.

You can find The Dictionary of Jordan here.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Marble Hornets



Marble Hornets is, in my opinion, one of the greatest film trilogies of our generation. Yes, I consider them to be films. Because the credits list them as Part 1 and Part 2 (and inevitably Part 3), and that implies films. Like Back to the Future Part II or The Godfather Part III or something.

That, and c'mon, let's be honest. Say "I'm watching the second season of Marble Hornets, an internet horror series" out loud. Now say "I'm watching the internet indie horror film Marble Hornets Part 2" out loud. Which sounds more sophisticated and interesting? >W>

Anyway, Marble Hornets Part 1 was, by all means, influential and terrifying. I think we can all agree on that, can't we? ..well, yes, "terrifying" is subjective, but it was definitely influential in various ways. But a lot of people overlook Part 2. A lot of people just compare it to the first one, saying it's "not as scary" or something. But goddammit, people. Marble Hornets Part 2 is, in my opinion, way better than the first.

Because I don't look at it through emotional.. shit like "oh it's not as scary," because that's subjective, that changes. I look at its more important things like plot and character development. So much more happens, man. I mean, yes, Part 1 is still magnificent and influential, but it was only the beginning, it only established what could be done. Part 2 fucking fine-tuned that shit, and between you and me? Part 2 influenced me so much more than the first. Because I constantly went back and watched the entries from the start of 27 until the most recent point, trying to grasp my thoughts on the bigger picture, on what this might look like as a finished product.

And now that it's all over? The two-and-a-half-hour production of sheer fucking cinematographic genius? I have been so fucking influenced. I could point out how every single entry has made a difference on my writing styles, on my pacing, on my drive for telling a good story rather than keeping immersion, and ultimately on who I am as a writer.

Part 1 set the stage and the genre. Part 2 taught me how to write. ;w; And that, my friends, is why I am shitting bricks waiting for Part 3 to begin.

This is the shit we will remember for our entire lives. This is my Citizen Kane.

Fearniversary Log 2

I'm currently going through the writing stage where I'm coming up with all kinds of ideas. I'm trying to grasp onto the good ones and develop them into some real beauties.

The Fearniversary will be an interesting one, for sure. Consider this the Renaissance of Fear. I will come up with something Fear-related every day, though I'd prefer to come up with multiple per day.

Day one gave us a beta Beast thing video thing, day two gave us the launch of TheFearBlogger YouTube channel and the release of part one of Nightlander, my newest short-film-project thing.

I'm currently throwing around ideas for The Endless Obsession, Fair Game, The Parallels 2, Rapture, Topography Genera Center East, TheFearBlogger, Built for Two, even more new projects, and possibly HELP.

I am considering archiving both Fair Game and HELP. They're both good ideas, but not quite imaginative enough for me. If I force myself to write them, they'll be good, but only in the sense that Where My Eyes Remain and Memories of a Time Beyond were good. And by "archiving," I actually mean restarting under slightly different premises.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writing a Warm-Up

Why don't I write something now? I need to get writing done. So I'll warm up here.

A man A woman fights zombies and lives in Ohio in Sunderland, Tennessee. Which is a real town, and if it's not, I'm making it one. And she looks at her watch her dog her pet... son named.. Jefferey Dunham Killerobotham. And all was good.

But then the ghosts crept up crept in rode in on motorcycles labelled "Harvey Davidson Birdman Attorney at Law Harley Davidson Quinn Harlequin Harly... Harl of Hay." And these ghosts killed everyone in Sunderfuck. Then Jeffrey was a ghost and his name was actually spelled right, thank you spellcheck.

Jeffrey faced his mother one-on-one mano-e-mano head-to-head and they kicked ass. I dunno who won.

But meanwhile, there's some dude named Chuck Nor..field. And that's the sequel hook cliffhanger because this is the pilot to a TV series on Showtime HBO.

There we go, I think I'm warmed up now.

Friday, February 10, 2012



Here goes nothing.

- Video game story. While watching an LP of one of my many "biggest influences" playing EarthBound, I was reminded of how appealing the concept of an RPG is. I got to thinking about how OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING, especially during Act II, really shows off my love for the medium I never play. xD I had an urge to make a second work of fiction with heavy video game elements, though this one would be a lot more blatantly like an RPG. ...in the typing of that sentence, I have already figured out exactly what this blog will be. Expect it.

- The Endless Obsession: Administry for a Cause has ended, and Testing in Progress is preparing for its final movement. The Endless Obsession would be the sequel to Testing in Progress, though it'd be more of a spiritual successor rather than a direct continuation of the plot. I can't tell you what the plot would be, as it involves knowing the ending to Testing in Progress, but there is a large chance that The Endless Obsession will never be made. It's just a very solid and thought-out idea, and I don't often have those!

- The Parallels: Insert Subtitle Here: The Parallels: Hypersleep Dialogues ended very depressingly. There will be a sequel; I have already announced this. And I'm in talks with someone about helping me figure this story out.

- DJay32's Meta Blog: alliterator made a blog titled The Fear Mythos which told of the troper alliterator helping come up with the Mythos, in question, only for the Fears to turn out to be real anyway and kill us all. CuteWithoutThe made his own version. Chances are, I will too.

- Fear Limited: hahahahaha it's a pun. CuteWithoutThe, king of good ideas, came up with the idea of a parody of The Office starring the Fears. I really like this idea. I said I'd do it, though I don't actually know how I'd go about doing it or where I'd get the patience if I did.

- The Weekly Rapturecast Launch: Legstep Radio, "The Radio Ready for Rapture," has a weekly podcast planned. I'm definitely doing this. Maybe. Okay, so it's not gonna be weekly. But it'll be neat. I'm a little nervous about launching it, though, because the last time I did this, my brother barged in after ten minutes and we had an argument about me talking out loud. At 11 in the daytime.

- Radio drama project launch: This is something that's been privately under development for the past few weeks. The first installment already has a rough draft circulating; hopefully we can get the voice actors we need and get this sucker up and running.

- MORE SUNSETTERS: People really liked the two Sunsetters songs I threw together in Aviary and released on Topography Genera Center East. I should make more. Either way, this mythos needs more music.

- A VLOG: The Fear Mythos only has one vlog: The Undecided Five. We need more. So I'm thinking of making one. Yes, making a vlog is hard work. Especially since I'm sure people have seen enough of my room on video already. >.> But I'll figure something out.

And that's just the projects I've come up with at the moment. Believe me, I intend on being as busy as I can be from February 14th until twenty-whatever-it-was.

The Fearniversary. Be there.

Updates and Dream Theater

First of all, are the blog title and post title fonts looking a little strange to you? When I go to edit them, Blogger says they're fine, but on the actual blog they're fugly.

Secondly, I'm going to go see Dream Theater for the second time in my life tonight. Wembley Arena, too. For those who don't know, Wembley Arena is kinda a big deal here in England. It's London's second-biggest indoor arena, and Wikipedia lists it simply as "the third-biggest indoor concert venue," though I doubt that means "ever." Surely.

But yeah, Dream Theater. They were also the first band I properly went to a concert for, back in October. That show was outstanding, in the Tabernacle in Atlanta. I went with some friends and their parents, and they all unanimously voted it as one of the greatest shows they've ever seen. Including a woman who has worked at concerts her whole life, even getting to see Peter Gabriel in the seventies. So.. yeah. This band is really something. They aren't particularly showy on-stage, but one listen to their music will tell you they have a very prominent.. presence, musically. They're extremely technical and talented, each member of the band being among the very top of their league.

I mean, hell. Their guitarist is John Petrucci.

Okay, third news. I've been throwing ideas around in my head about what stories to write next, as silly ol' Jordy isn't satisfied with a million stories plus Rapture. Plus, the first ever Fearniversary starts next week. That's right, the Fear Mythos is about to reach its first birthday. And it's customary to do something to celebrate, so I'll make a million more stories. xD

So for THE FEARNIVERSARY, I am going to make some kind of checklist or other-kind-of-list and we'll see where it goes from there. Get ready for that next post.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My dad is reading Built for Two, as are the members of my creative writing class. They want me to write more.

Eric Taylor is reading OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. He wants me to write more.

But I just want to write Testing in Progress because this is one of the best stories I've written. ;_; Besides! I'm nearly done with it!

..that and The Fear Mythos Wiki, which I am addicted to editing.