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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DJay32 Reads Stuff

For those who don't go to the Fear Mythos forum and yet are oddly interested in my opinions on MSPaintAdventures:

DJay32 Reads Homestuck (BLIND)

I'm currently reading through Problem Sleuth. I wanted to do a blind commentary of it, but I gave up on that. Basically, I hate how it's much less serious and consistent than Homestuck. I fucking hate how it's much less serious and consistent. And the fucking candy corn, I despise candy corn.

And by the way? Surprising people for the sake of surprising people isn't good writing.

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  1. Actually, in Problem Sleuth, he wasn't entirely /writing/, really. Problem Sleuth was written when Hussie was still doing reader-driven stories, wherein he'd make up a scenario and make it into a mock textventure, taking suggestions from the readers as to what to do and/or have happen next. It is still pretty random, but this was written back when he was trying to create a deliberately chaotic experience rather than write a solid narrative, like in Homestuck.

    Not to say that you can't still hate it. I find a lot of it annoying and overwrought myself. But it's not exactly supposed to be coherent. It was just something he was doing to entertain his commenters.