Post-Jordanism: noun- The artistic (cultural?) movement which began in late 2011. Works within this deal with themes of existential crisis, identity crisis, posttraumatic stress disorder, the state of being broken, intrusive thoughts of (non)existent(?) memory, the morbid preoccupation with suicide, grief, uncontrollable emotion, and darkness as a simple abstract concept. ex. 1: "Kill me."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Jordan Eats Normally Now Bonuses

Jordan Eats Normally Now alternate ending.

Instead of choosing to stay in Metropolis, this ending shows Jordan choosing his old life. You can see for yourself how that turns out. Originally planned to have Jordan become a Nightlander, but I had difficulty pulling that off. The annoying thing is, this actually wound up a better-done ending than the Metropolis one. >__> But the Metropolis ending is what the story was supposed to end with.

"Time" blooper.

Making the videos of Jordan Eats wasn't always easy, especially not when Nathan was involved. I've lost the footage from most of the previous clips, but here's a blooper I found from recording Nathan's dramatic climax. Not exactly that funny, but it's something.

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