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Friday, December 16, 2011

DJay32, a retrospective (3): The Discovery of Comic

The Discovery of Comic

After second grade ended and Doctor Killybopper's Big Mistake ended prematurely, I didn't feel like writing prose for a long time. Instead, I wanted to see what other kinds of media could keep me satisfied. I'd say around third grade, I was spending Christmas with my nana in England, up in Yorkshire. I had a piece of paper and a pen, and Tomb Raider was on TV. For whatever reason, this inspired me to make a film trailer-- in comic format.

Tomb Invader

I invented a protagonist of my very own for this! (Get ready, oh god.) I took Kirby (the pink puffball of Nintendo fame), gave him a nose, and then scratched the nose out. Called him "Sinka Puffy." I gave him a bad guy who was a Jack-o-Lantern with a bear's body, seven tentacles for feet, and angel wings. Called him "King Dododo." And then I drew Meta Knight, made him green, and scratched up his armor a lot, and called him "Mecha Knight." He was actually more badass than Meta Knight. I made a good... several of these in the end, climaxing with Tomb Invader 4 which was a full-fledged, like.. 100-panel comic. Made references to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but it also actually had its own pretty funny jokes.

My art style evolved for a while at this point, with me giving comics more and more detail. I made Tomb Invader comics for.. I'd say about a couple years.

Super Smash Brothers X

Yeah, who hasn't come up with that title already? Well, this was a, like... thirteen-page comic, each page representing a different fight in this fictional game's story mode. I don't remember much about it, but I know I was remotely proud of this one. I believe, at some point, I invented a "custom character" who was a stickman called "Kustom Kid," or "KK." As if Smash Bros. would ever let you create a character.

The Gamer's Realm

By fourth grade, I was ready to tackle an ongoing comic series. The plot was.. kinda.. simple-ish. Sinka Puffy and Kustom Kid had an apartment together and, like.. fought crime and stuff. I admit, it was roughly inspired by John & Richie's Perfect Kirby flash series, but it wound up having a relatively original plot at times. Hell, I even found a kid named Casey who was willing to collaborate with me. I wrote the plot and drew shit, and he actually wrote things! ..that is, he literally wrote the words down. That I'd come up with.

TGR wound up being the debut of my depiction of Metal Sonic: an abnormally rough and tough badass killing machine who is usually unstoppable. This would come up later.

In retrospective, The Discovery of Comic wasn't particularly outstanding, especially not when compared to other eras. But it was, by far, important in a lot of things. It allowed me to develop my attention span to get me ready for writing the true epics to come, and it got me to come up with relatively original characters. Plus, it let me realize how much Metal Sonic was really my favourite Sonic character ever.

Still to come, some of those epics mentioned earlier. But first, we have to travel through a particularly nostalgic time in my life. The next era will consist of two "halves," each being about as significant as the eras you've seen so far. Get ready for it.

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