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Friday, December 16, 2011

DJay32, a retrospective (2): The Killybopper Era

The Killybopper Era

I've always liked coming up with ideas and stories, for as long as I can remember (as early as four, I was pretending my life was a TV channel for the sake of the storytelling format), but it wasn't until second grade in the American school system that I started to discover the sheer fun I had writing. See, in second grade, we had this wonderful writing teacher who found this way for us to "publish" stories we wrote into  little makeshift laminated "books." It was nothing too advanced, but for a second-grade writer, it was exactly the motivation I needed.

The Martian Busters

The first story I got to writing in The Killybopper Era was ambitious, in itself. It was a full-fledged space adventure starring three human astronauts (an average man, an average woman, and some dude named "Blub" -- the comic relief). The plot was simple enough: Some evil Martians were planning on.. doing something evil with the solar system. The three astronauts had to go to every single planet (including Pluto!) and.. do something or other. Featuring terrible dialogue, horrible artwork, and not that bad of a plot!

Sonic the Hedgehog

That's right, the second official story DJay32 ever wrote in his life was a work of Sonic fanfiction. Trust me, this thing sucked. First of all, it was shorter than The Martian Busters. Second of all, the plot was simply laughable (something about, like.. "Eggman's being evil! And look, it's Shadow, he looks like Sonic somehow, that's a running gag, right?"). Third of all, it.. it just sucked, okay? I'm quite embarrassed by it. But then again, it's also really interesting that this was what I chose to write second for reasons I will discuss later.

Doctor Killybopper's Big Mistake

This is the era namer, man. Get ready for this; this one is one I am proud of. So, towards the end of the year, I really wanted to write one last story, but I didn't know what to name it. So my teacher recommended I look at this stupid list of story names and take one. So I did! Most of them were terrible kid things like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Citizen Kane," but I picked a real whopper with "Doctor Killybopper's Big Mistake." For some reason, the name just.. interested me.

The plot, itself, wound up being technically my first "epic." So there's this scientist, right? He's called Doctor Killybopper. And he's invented this machine that-- this was so dorky-- puts you inside video games. And these kids-- he's a teacher or something-- visit him one day and he shows them the machine, and he makes his "Big Mistake" in that they fall in or something. And they have to spend the story going through all these video games. I remember using Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but that's all I remember. I don't believe I ever actually finished it. It's a shame; the other kids in the class were actually getting really interested in this story of mine.

In retrospective, I'm glad I had The Killybopper Era. It really set me on the path for some of my later stories. I've written plenty of space-related stories since The Martian Busters, I've become half-famous for Sonic fanfiction, and Killybopper could very well be a super-early predecessor to RAPTURE.

We've still got many more eras to go, though. Be ready for this stuff. It's gonna get interesting, I'm sure.

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