Post-Jordanism: noun- The artistic (cultural?) movement which began in late 2011. Works within this deal with themes of existential crisis, identity crisis, posttraumatic stress disorder, the state of being broken, intrusive thoughts of (non)existent(?) memory, the morbid preoccupation with suicide, grief, uncontrollable emotion, and darkness as a simple abstract concept. ex. 1: "Kill me."

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Well. Now I want to write something and don't know what.

Options: Built For Two. Literally nothing is stopping me from just writing the entire blog now. I know what's gonna happen.
Dark Chao Adventures. I'm on Episode 82. I need to finish this thing. 85's the last.
OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. ..well, I mean. I can theoretically just write the next log and not release it until the accompaniment video is done. Which is kinda is, but I'm just waiting on some voices.
Topography Genera, yeah no I can easily do this. I've got the next Mordecai answering thing ready. I've got more than that ready. I know where the first movement's going and how it'll end. I think I'm waiting for The Endless Obsession, which I just need two more voices on.
The Parallels: Bright in the Face, okay there is nothing stopping me from writing this, I'm just not writing it.
The Dying Man blog. I'm doing one. But I think I'm waiting for The Endless Obsession first. That's pretty much the introduction of a few more Topography Genera plot elements, including The Dying Man.

And I mean, I could easily do all these right now. Hell, I really do want to do Built For Two and finally show you guys why I started the blog in the first place, why I was really excited about the project. But I mean, it's hard to really focus and want to write. But I'll figure it out.

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