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Thursday, January 12, 2012

DJay32 Listens: The Silent Circus, Between the Buried and Me

I just received Between the Buried and Me's second studio release, The Silent Circus, in the mail today. I want to first listen to it on here. I am so looking forward to this.

The Silent Circus

Lost Perfection (a: Coulrophobia)

Starts with a ghostly static. ...oh hey, the liner notes explain what the songs are about. o_o This song's about a baby born on the last day of the Earth. ..Tommy's growls sound ridiculously funny in this. xD The instruments are as badass as ever, though. ...oh hello badass riffage.

Lost Perfection (b: Anablephobia)

Seamless transition! ..Google says Coulrophobia is fear of clowns, and Anablephobia is the fear of looking upwards. .."DEATH IS IN THE AAAAAIR," that was awesome. ...quirky. o_o Followed by a guitar solo that is entirely just.. ambience. I like this.

Camilla Rhodes

"Camilla" is referenced in a lot of their songs, so I'm looking forward to finding out what this is about. ..oh, it's about how mainstream music is more about sexual image than actually good music, and how sex as a topic shouldn't be so glorified when kids can clearly see it. "Camilla Rhodes" is from a David Lynch film, and Tommy won't say more about it. Dammit. ..the song, itself, is pretty awesome. ..okay, I like this.


I've seen the music video for this song; this song is beautiful. ..I don't really have much to say about it. ..sheer beauty. ;w; I can never get tired of this.


A short song about dreams. Awesome. :3 "Sleep insane." Fucking beautiful.

(Shevanel Take 2)

Ah, a continuation of "Shevanel Cut a Flip" from their debut. Except this is entirely acoustic. These guys are way too good at making beautiful music. .w.

Ad a dlgmut

This song is about the same concept as the musical Stomp is: Music can be made of any "noise." Heavy metal is "noise" to the common listener, but true fans can listen and see how beautiful it can be. And the title is just made-up words. ..god, this song is really good. "It all makes sense, we're capable of beauty through sounds that make one cringe. The dogs only hear us now." I love this stuff. Oh god, badass ending.

Destructo Spin

Ooh, a song about George Bush. ...ooh, this is really goddamn catchy. I love the transition to the "Mordecai" section there.


...shit! This song's about the sinking of the Titanic, and how the legend goes that "the band kept playing until the ship had sunken." True musical dedication. The music here is.. as badass as I've come to expect. ..nice triplets. ..oh dear god that is awesome. It really sounds like impending doom.

The Need for Repetition

..oh hey, when did this song start? :D It's apparently the band's most repetitive song, and it's trying to repeat a message into people's minds: Don't molest children. ..awesome guitar solo. owe ..huh. I think the whole album ends on creepy ambience just as it began.

...The Man Land

Bonus track at the end of "The Need for Repetition." This is hilarious. It's Between the Buried and Me being as redneck as they can be.

I hereby conclude that, at least for the time being, I prefer The Silent Circus to Alaska. Though "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" is pretty hard to top. But I'll get used to the albums, and then I'll stop looking at them as competing albums and I'll start seeing them as pieces of the larger picture. :3

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