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Friday, January 6, 2012

DJay32 Listens: Alaska, Between the Buried and Me

Just got this in the mail today, it's Between the Buried and Me's first album with their current line-up that they've kept through Colors, The Great Misdirect, and The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues.

This is Alaska. This is gonna be a wild ride.

All Bodies

First song, let's do this! ..ooh, Tommy Giles got better at singing over the years. ...slaves. What. What is this song about, I like this. This is quirky. ...sounds like Ayreon or something with that pretty chorus! ...oh my god this is so fucking quirky I am in love. I think my mum's just trying to ignore the vocals. xD The third movement's heavy. owo Oh my god this is so fucking catchy, I just want to wildly headbang. OH GOD DAT ENDING. OWO


The title track! I have seen the music video for this twice, and I really like it. Let's enjoy the song, itself. God, I love those keyboards. I love everything about this band. ... oh my god so fucking metal. Oh my god playing with dat riff. OH MY GOD CHROMATIC PROGRESSIONS, "ALASKAAA." ....>W< DAT. ENDING.

Croakies and Boatshoes

..interesting title. Starts with breakdown. The lyrics seem to be a commentary on suburban rich snobs. Explains why this song sounds so angry. ..."DON'T STAAAAAAARE." Damn, this is so fucking heavy.

Selkies: The Endless Obsession

Hello, 7/8. owe ...fucking catchy. <33333333 Oh god that first line. ..OH GOD HEAVY PROGRESSIONS. DEM VOCALS, BACK TO THE 7/8 CATCHY. ...and... into pure beauty. ;W; This masterpiece is in Rock Band, isn't it. I must get it. ...KEY CHANGES? OWO Goddamn that was so beautiful.

Breathe in, Breathe out

Fifty-five-second instrumental! ..this is some pretty acoustic stuff. :3


....o________o Stark contrast. This song is about how automated music is today, isn't it? ...what is this. This sounds fucking badass. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH IT. I LOVE YOU, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Quirky hello! ...played with. oWe ...this is metal. oWo ..the end of the lyrics, three minutes left. Bass starting up. MY ANUS IS READY, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. >W< ..oh, back to singing. ..and then it seems to stop again with over a minute left. JUST RAPE ME ALREADY. :c ...WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING, I CAN'T FIND YOU IN THE LYRICS-- IS THAT A FUCKING BOMB DROPPING? O___O Oh my fucking god this is one of the most brutally badass metal endings I've heard in my life.

Backwards Marathon

Starts off technical. ..is this song about their music? Where on Earth will this song go-- that's catchy. 8D I do not comprehend those drums, but I can tell they're impossible for humans to play other than Blake Richardson. ..and maybe Mike Mangini. ..ooh, 5/4 bass riff. This sounds pretty. "IT'S RAINING. IT'S RAINING. ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK CITY--" oh, wrong song. ..OOH, that's a really pretty build-up. And a pretty final line!

Medicine Wheel

Instrumental. Four minutes. o_o ..yep, it's pretty so far. :D ..I really like this. This is relaxing.

The Primer

..what the fuck is this song about. o_____o; There's talk of whores and guns and 2005 and what. It's pretty heavy, I know that. ..goddamn classical music played in a metalcore breakdown! owe ..oh my god. Freaking circus music ending.


"The masters of the ocean churn down my mind?" Awesome. ...oh god this song is Tommy Giles' fears about how people will take the band's music. ;_; ..wow, that was very quirky. ..still is. owo

Laser Speed

Final song, 3-minute instrumental! ..this is pretty Yes-like so far. ..oh my god now it's upbeat and poppy and elevator music-y. .w. Sounds like goddamn "Low Rider." This is a hilarious way to end this album.

Well fucking done, Between the Buried and Me. Well fucking done. I can tell I'll only love this album more the more I listen to it. Alaska, my first impression of you is "Social commentary, what the fuck." And that's exactly what I first thought of Colors, and that wound up becoming one of the greatest things I'd ever heard. Come to think of it, everything this band does winds up being one of the greatest things I ever hear.

Four fucking stars out of five upon first listen, only to increase, my friends.

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