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Sunday, October 6, 2013

DJay32, a Retrospective (9): The Era of Better Stories and Secret Projects

So a while back I made some shitty retrospective blog entries going through all the stories I'd made through my childhood and pretty much glorifying the damn things. I was annoying. I probably still am. But the idea of keeping track of where I've been and how far I've come still sounds important so let's make another installment of that.

The Era of Better Stories and Secret Projects

The Start of Topography Genera, and More Goddamn Blogs

After I finished Jordan Eats, what I wanted to do next was expand upon some EAT-related ideas I had as well as find a way to explain the damn Fear in a better context. So I brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of Topography Genera Center East, some sort of "organization documents Fears"-type shtick. But I didn't have it in me to do it alone, so I contacted a fellow Fearblogger known as alliterator to see if he'd be up for helping me out.

Yeah, I saved the damn PM. Screenshot'd the sucker, I was that happy. alliterator's a big name in the mythos.

Anyway, we set up a private space to plan the story out and, over the course of some months, decided it'd be the kind of story that had a fuckton of sideblogs. So we started Topography Genera Center North, Testing in Progress, Administry for a Cause, The Supernatural Anaesthetist, The Machine Gospels, Tale of the Lost Vikings, Hell and Earth, Hymn From Proserpine, Secret Mysteries, The Endless Obsession, Otso: Genus Unknown, and then there was HELP which was discontinued pretty quickly. We also came up with a fictional prog band called Sunsetters whose music would come up in the story at some point. There's also a lot of voice acting and some videos somewhere in the making.

Point is, this story's long and it's still ongoing, so I guess we'll say this is another one of those "Era Arc" things.

The "More Goddamn Blogs" Part

Outside of Topography Genera, I decided to write a shitton more so I wrote Where My Eyes Remain to try my hand at a slenderblog. That wound up getting pretty popular in the Slender Man Mythos, even netting me a guest part on the Slender Nation Podcast. One of the highlights of my sad life.

There was also Built For Two, some empty story with a lot of vague philosophical exercises. This got surprisingly popular, dunno why when I look back. Another story I wrote at some point was Harlequin Metropolis, which took the plot of Dream Theater's Metropolis, pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory and told it so it didn't suck. I'll admit, this is a point where I don't think I'm overglorifying myself-- Metropolis's story is pretty damn bad and not that hard to fix.

The End of Dark Chao Adventures

Around March/April of 2012, I got fed up of DCA being on hiatus and I brought it back just in time to write an EAT-focused ending. I'm still kinda happy with that. I ended DCA by putting all the characters through eternal torture. You could say it was my attempt at coping with a shitty life. That's a running theme in this retrospective.

The point is, DCA lasted eight years and eight seasons and it's done now and this Era Arc can finally end, thank fuck. Nobody reads the damn story, it was an exercise in self-indulgent futility. It was a proggasm in writing format.


All this time, I'm writing more of the Rapture Logs. We're in Act III here, the first half, the shitty half. I get cocky, I have no idea what to do with myself, I just write and bask in the undeserved popularity.

More Goddamn Blogs II: Trouble in Tokyo

In comes an idea to perfect the self-indulgent wankery: Let's make a big crossover between DCA, Topography Genera, and Rapture! So I make PLAN 31: CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE SOCK KIND. It actually turned out pretty okay. Had some decent jokes in it. Invented Theodore Quiet and Frank Slenderman, Ace Attorney. I'm happy with it.

Then I make Fearblog of Fear, Dreams and Sleep and Fear after a conversation with SlendySlayer. Make about eight posts of decent "Let's make fun of bad blogging conventions" humour. I let it drag on a bit with crappypasta-style adventuring before just giving up.

Oh yeah, and then there was Plush. This was an idea to make an entirely fictional Wiki about some fictional video game that was gonna have, like, Fears and shit. Didn't get far. Gave up.

Some of my creepypasta appeared in Faces, Strange and Secret: An Anthology of Stories from the Fear Mythos, so that was pretty cool.

Really, this was the part where I started college and got something resembling a life. At the same time, I got a girlfriend and lost her within months for reasons I still do not know. And I got therapy for my life only for the therapist to end up being like "Instead of helping you in particular, let me help your entire family get better!" So that happened and I'm happy it happened but still I was left without substantial help. My life hit a really strange time.

OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING Gets Good, Ends, Gets Better, Gets Downloadable

As I'm in college, I keep adding to Rapture until it gets to the point where Act IV suddenly becomes 168,000 words alone. I start taking it seriously and I'm really happy with how it ended up. When it was over, I went through it with SlendySlayer a few times and edited it into a final draft and released it as a free downloadable PDF. So there's a happy ending for this. Even if it often feels like the community had faked its enthusiasm for it this whole time and as soon as they revealed that they just gave up on me altogether. But I still get readers through Tumblr and stuff so that'll do for me. Happy ending!

A Bunch of Secret Projects Begin

One of the people I met through TVTropes, a Finnish woman known as Rappu, turns out to be a great friend and a great artist so we talk about stuff and start a secret project. That really picked up steam sometime after Rapture ended. We'll see where that goes. In the meantime, Rappu winds up teaching me a lot about being a decent person and not falling into the cultural obsession with romance, then she goes and teaches me all kinds of things I didn't think I'd learn for another several years. All in all, progress goes better than expected.

Then there's Bones, who was one of my best friends back in America. We keep in touch, and one day he proposes another secret project, and over the course of several months we put some substantial progress towards that. We'll see how that goes too.

A Few More Blogs For Good Measure

Around the end of my college year, I write one more blog called Benefits which was like Built For Two but with a tiny bit more actual substance. Except instead of being a philosophical exercise, this one's an emotional exercise. Reception's quiet, generally favourable.

I bring back Fearblog of Fear and make some more posts for it. It's still kinda dead, though.

One day after finishing Rapture, I brainstorm a ton for a potential sequel, and then I decide to go through with it and start writing Rapture: A Book of Names. This one will probably get an "Era Arc," but for now let's just leave it be.

Then Some Other Stuff That Happened

I write the Fear Mythos series bible and shit. I do a bunch of mediocre Let's Plays. I read a lot of books. I start my second year of college before having the biggest regression I've ever had and starting an unnecessarily long journey of self-reflection and unhappiness.

That's where we are now, as a matter of fact. I'm riding out my regression, doubting myself a ton, trying to make myself feel better, and trying in what hopefully isn't vain to sort my life out.

Thus ends the Era of Better Stories and Secret Projects. What lies in store for the future? Eh, let's hope for something big and unexpected.

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