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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Comedy of Bones

This is Entry 39 of Marble Hornets (Part 2). This will come in handy.

One thing Eric "Bones" Taylor and I like to do is watch films while giving our commentary of them MST3K-style (we also like to watch episodes of MST3K while giving our commentary on the commentary). Marble Hornets is something we adore giving commentary on. I mean, we both love the entries, but there's still something really fun about slender man humour. Hell, we're among the few people on the internet who truly find "Gimme Twenty Dollars" funny, but hopefully this blog post should give you a good idea of what kind of comedy we like to bring to a situation.

So when Marble Hornets Part 2 ended, Bones and I gathered in his basement and watched it on glorious HD. We spent a lot of this actually not making that many jokes, as Part 2 is pretty damn tense and admirably well-done. But Bones surprised the fuck out of me when we got to Entry 39. To attempt to even remotely convey the art of Bones' quick one-line commentary, I will simply give you timestamps.

1:18 "Masky's driving that car."

1:29 "Slendy's driving that one; they're having a car chase."

2:06 "Look, Masky won!"

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