Post-Jordanism: noun- The artistic (cultural?) movement which began in late 2011. Works within this deal with themes of existential crisis, identity crisis, posttraumatic stress disorder, the state of being broken, intrusive thoughts of (non)existent(?) memory, the morbid preoccupation with suicide, grief, uncontrollable emotion, and darkness as a simple abstract concept. ex. 1: "Kill me."

Thursday, August 16, 2012

List of my Fearblog Reviews

Earlier reviews
CuteWithoutThe: The Hunter
alliterator: Snowball in Hell
proxiehunter: To Light a Candle

Modern reviews:
Allanbag: Memoirs for Breakfast
TheSomnambulist: The World Through These Eyeholes part 1, part 2
The Visitor: Terrific
queenofinsanity6: Take the Myth
Omega: Mephi Act 1
Multiple: A Realm of Emptiness
GraciousVictory: The Public Castigation of a Lowly Hypochondriac
Acelegin: Daniel & Friends The Gods of Darkness Arc
Multiple: The Puppet's Game 2 (half-assed review)
AmeliaTanaka: A Fly on the Wall part 1
Malus: Blank Space
tgecko: Penny Dropped part 1, part 2
RedRockingHood: City of Sinopia part 1

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