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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DJay32 Plays Minecraft

I haven't had a real chance to give Minecraft a shot until just now. I was gonna record myself playing it, but I've decided against that. Partly because I can't find a copy of Fraps that works on a Macbook. So instead, I'm just gonna keep a journal.

We're starting on Easy mode, as I was advised to not begin on Peaceful. It's apparently not good for entertainment.

DJay32 Plays Minecraft, a journal
First of all, I have no idea what version this is, but I have the feeling it's not up to date.

I spawned near a coast, got used to the controls and whatnot, and began looking around. I found the animals adorable, then I decided to start exploring.

I travelled quite a way, exploring foggy mountains and clearer valleys. I almost went into a mine before realizing I have no portable light, so I headed back out.

And then night fell.

I ran into a dark corner, and mashed buttons until I realized that Macbooks have no right-click. So I kept trying until I figured out how to place blocks, then I made a little block fort. I waited a minute for night to pass, got impatient, then went back out. Immediately, I heard a growl and turned and ran and closed the fort again.

Then a zombie hit me through my blocks and killed me.

I respawned.

I awoke near a coast again. This time, I went straight for the ground and dug. I got several blocks below ground, then started moving forward. Eventually, it turned day and I resurfaced, no longer just a mole man. I explored, immediately heard a hiss, and ran as a giant spider hopped around.

I ran around a little pond, then I saw something man-sized. Something green. Something that looked suspiciously like a cactus. I inched my way up to it in fear, then looked at all four sides of it. It was a cactus.

So I went back to exploring. Crossed a lake, reached an island, attempted making a water irrigation system. Then I just started digging again.

...this game's fun, but it's not entertaining to watch.

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